Israel -Corona virus situation- updated 26/03/2020 – :

For today – 2700 people are diagnosed with Corona. 39 in life-threatening health issues and 5 dead (all are over 65 with background diseases.)
Yesterday, Israeli government has announced a general quarantine with exception of vital business as health services, food chains, factories, and all vital services.
Logistics, transportation and forwarding sectors are allowed to work, but must reduce office staff to minimum.
All shops are closed including malls and shopping centers.
Our offices are open and all forwarding, logistics, clearance and delivery operations are working normally with minor delays.
Ocean freight activities are working normally .
Airfreight – most airlines have canceled their flights, but still freighter service and few PAX flights are still available but at very high rates.
Messengers and home delivery is working as usual with special restrictions. PUDO services are very restricted due to closing of shops.
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E-Cargo together with Seko Logistics, Hermes & Border Guru presented their Omni channel solutions to the Israeli E commerce community in a very successful and impressing event.

The conference on 26.7.2018 in Tel Aviv – David intercontinental hotel, attracted over 2000 visitors from the high tec, logistics and retail sectors.

The E-Cargo Pavilion was a major attraction and many meetings, contacts and contract were created during the conference and at the following weeks.

Visitors have expressed their interest in the great abilities of this unique cooperation, offering  a complete E-commerce logistic package on a worldwide basis.

They were very happy to meet Seko and Hermes delegates that arrived especially for the conference –Ms. Jasmine Wall – Sales manager – Seko UK and Mr. Malte Gusau – Managing director of Border Guru, who also presented Border Guru and Hermes capabilities at the assembly. 

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לא מחכות לאמזון: ענקיות הלוגיסטיקה נכנסות לישראל

 Seko Logistics and Hermes logistics are entering the Israeli Market . will   supply full comprehensive logistics services to E-Commerce traders and   platforms. E-cargo appointed as agent in israel.                                                

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